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American Waterways Cruise Lines is proud to offer an epic return of passenger ships to the historic canals, lakes and waterways of Central and Upstate NY.  Our luxuriously appointed hotel barges will offer the all inclusive vacation of a life time.  Once only available by taking a transatlantic flight to Europe, boutique hotel barging can now be an indulgence experienced here along the most scenic waterways in North America. Come aboard and rediscover the heritage, history and stunning natural beauty of New York and other scenic waterways in North America. Leave behind the madness and fast paced stresses of modern life as you gear down and pass through the timeless locks enjoying all the revelries and indulgences of fine cuisine and wine. our vessels are all appointed with a private captain, chef, steward and tour guide, luxurious cabins with ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, central heat, and wifi. 
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